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The African Journal of Medical Physics (AJMP) publishes novel and high-quality research papers and other material on all topics relating to medical physics, biomedical sciences, medical imaging and molecular imaging for diagnosis, therapy and disease management. The journal provides an effective way to publish original research articles, review articles, short communication, rapid communication, letter to the editor, case report etc. It strives with a passion to publish articles on diverse themes of theoretical, computational, experimental and related clinical research from across the globe on a sole platform where there will be a wide scope to share ideas Involved from latest on-going research. It is the goal of the journal to provide an international forum for education and training in medical physics, radiation oncology, radiation detection, radiation protection, radiation shielding, and radiation response, new technologies development and applications, diagnostic and radiotherapy physics and applications.

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Seldom in the history of medicine has a medical science made such rapid growth as medical physics. In this fascinating branch of modern medicine, medical imaging is used in research and in diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. Medical physics provides the modern physicians with additional previously unavailable data concerning the architecture and function of cells and organs of human body. With proper medical imaging techniques, we can determine not only where biological tissue is in the body but also its clinical state at a given time. Medical imaging provides us with the methodology to detect clinical changes in form, function, and the biochemistry of disease, as well as its evaluation. Information is added to the database to make it more comprehensive and thus permit the physician to make a more specific diagnosis.

African journal of medical Physics can answer many complex questions by publishing researched articles on advanced techniques and computing methods that can positively improve the quality and efficiency of health care. Use of these Medical Physics models can benefit entities for which the models are applied, and health care worldwide through the dissemination of the methods and applications.  The superior understanding of disease and its effects on tissue will allow new therapies and surgical procedures to be developed that can be tuned to the specific needs of the patient. Finally, thick-tissue imaging will lead to breathtaking insights into the working mechanisms of organs. In particular, imaging brain activity will be fascinating.

The advances that have been seen in the 20th century may seem incremental and predictable in comparison with the advances that will be made in the 21st century.

We should be able to positively coordinate both the external and local agents such as the International and National financial system, Scientific Institutions and the Universities, Distinguished Scientists and Researchers around the world especially International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Bi-annual college on medical physics towards the development of African Journal of Medical Physics (AJMP) that will be intellectually fascinating and powerfully serve as invaluable link between research, health authorities and medical Institutions in Africa and beyond.



This first edition of African journal of Medical Physics (AJMP) has been guided by the Annual Scientific Conference of the Nigerian Association of Medical Physicists held in November 2017 at National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria where “The Nigerian journal of Medical Physics” was launched. In our efforts to ensure high quality and regularity of the new journal, extensive consultations with International professional experts and colleagues were made. We were advised to broaden the scope of the journal to cover the entire African region. We consented to this advice and change the name of the journal to African journal of Medical Physics (AJMP). Prof. Wilfred Ngwa, a Professor of Radiation Oncology at Harvard and University of Massachusetts USA, officially launched the African journal of Medical Physics (AJMP) at the annual meeting of Nigerian Association of Medical Physicists held on November 22nd – 24th, National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria.


Volume 1, Number 1 

Mangset W. E. and Adesida S. O “Radiographic reject film analysis in radiology department of a teaching hospital in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.” AJMP 1(1), 1-7, January 2019.

Oyekunle E. O., Akinlade B. I., Uwadiae I. B. and Madu C. B, “How Do Pencil Beam Sizes Influence Central Axis Dose Calculations in Theraplan Plus Treatment Planning System?” AJMP 1(1), 8-13, January 2019.

Confidence Raymond, Dada O. Michael, Adesola O. Adewale and Awojoyogbe O. Bamidele, “Computational Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Probing Human Brain Microstructure“AJMP 1(1), 14-24, January 2019.

Orosun M. M., Adisa A. A., Akinyose F. C., Amaechi E. C., Ige S. O., Mark I. B., Martins G., Adebanjo G. D., Oduh V. O., Ademola O. J., “Measurement of Natural Radionuclides Concentration and Radiological Impact Assessment of Fish Samples from Dadin Kowa Dam, Gombe State Nigeria.” AJMP 1(1), 25-35, January 2019.

Opadele A. E., Akpochafor M. O., Ezike J. C., Aweda M. A. , “Diagnostic Reference Level in Computed Tomography: An Evaluation of CT-Protocol Dose Index in a Diagnostic Facility.” AJMP 1(1), 36-42, January 2019.

Ahmad Abubakar, Gerhard Glatting, Flavia J. Molina, “PET Image Reconstruction: Automated Assessment of Lesion Detection Performance.“AJMP 1(1), 42-50, January 2019.

Imeh Essien, Imaobong Ekanem, Samuel O. Inyang and Ukeme Umoh, ” Estimation of Entrance Surface Dose and Sex Specific Effective Doses during Chest X-Ray Examinations in Diagnostic Radiology Facilities.” AJMP 1(1), 51-57, January 2019. 

Balogun F. A., Tchokossa P., Adeyemi F. O., Olowookere C. J. , “Radiation Doses Received By Adult Patients during Pelvic Radiographic Examinations in Selected Radio Diagnostic Centres within Lagos State, Nigeria.” AJMP 1(1), 58-69, January 2019. 

Dunama Amina Muhammad, Liman Muhammad Sanusi, Aliyu Sadiq Abubakar,” Reconstruction of Conventional Ultrasound 2-D Images to Ultrasound Tomographic Images Using MATLAB Software.” AJMP 1(1), 70-77, January 2019. 


Volume 2, Number 1

Hassan Ibrahim and Rilwanu Idris “Challenges of Using Small Gantry Bore Computed Tomography in Simulation of Breast Cancer Patients for Teletheraphy in Resource Poor Environment” AJMP 2(1), 1-4, June 2019.

Chaurasia P. P. , Chand S. B., Adhikari M. P. and Yadav R. N., “Participation in IAEA/WHO TLD Postal Dose Audit Programme: A Voice from Nepal” AJMP 2(1), 5-9, June 2019.

Mary-Ann E. Ekpo and Rachel I. Obed, “Radiation Doses and Risks in Computed Tomography Examinations at three Hospitals in South-Western Nigeria“AJMP 2(1), 10-14, June 2019.

Sirisena Anil U. I., Okeahialam Basil N., Ike Emeka E., Chagok Nestor M.D., Pam Stephen D. and Ani Charles C., “Clinical Significance of the Abdominal Height Measured With a Locally Made Abdominometer for Risk Evaluation of Subclinical Atherosclerosis” AJMP 2(1), 15-20, June 2019.

Aligba Evelyn H., Agba Hemen E. and Fiase Joseph O., “Thermoluminescence (TL) and Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Properties of Undoped and Doped Gamma-Aluminium Oxide (γ-Al2O3)” AJMP 2(1), 21-30, June 2019.

Olarinoye Oyeleke and Mohammed Bello, “Photon Absorption Buildup Factors in Different Concrete Types for Structural Radiation Shielding Application“AJMP 2(1), 31-37, June 2019.

Joseph Dlama Zira, Aliyu Yusuf Salisu, Umar Mohammed Sani,  Nzotta Christian Chukwuemeka, Josephine Joshua Tunde, Joseph Dimas Skam, Abdullahi Mundi, Umar Ibrahim, Wiam Elshami Hassan, Nkubli Flavious Boboin, Moi Alhamdu Silas,  Ogenyi Prince Ameh, Abubakar Matthew Garba, ” Entrance Surface Dose Determination for Common Adult Radiography Examination in Selected Tertiary Hospitals in North Eastern Nigeria” AJMP 2(1), 38-43, June 2019. 

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