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African Journal of Medical Physics (AJMP) publishes novel and high-quality research papers and other material on all topics relating to medical physics, biomedical sciences, medical imaging and molecular imaging for diagnosis, therapy and disease management. The journal provides an effective way to publish original research articles, review articles, short communication, rapid communication, letter to the editor, case report etc. It strives with a passion to publish articles on diverse themes of theoretical, computational, experimental and related clinical research from across the globe on a sole platform where there will be a wide scope to share ideas Involved from latest on-going research. It is the goal of the journal to provide an international forum for education and training in medical physics, radiation oncology, radiation detection, radiation protection, radiation shielding, and radiation response, new technologies development and applications, diagnostic and radiotherapy physics and applications.

Abstracts of the 2021 and 2022 Medical Physics Harmattan School, University College
Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria; 8 – 12 March 2021 and 7 – 9 February 2022.

AJMP 2022, Volume 4 (Supplement)

  1. Radiotherapy Physics-Keith Langmack

  2. An Introduction to Physics in Healthcare-Liz Parvin

  3. Radiofrequency (RF) Interactions with the Human Body-Oluyemi Bright Aboyewa

  4. Introduction to Health Physics-Oluwatobi Ololade Ife-Adediran

  5. Application of the Fourier Transform in Medical Imaging-Paul S. Morgan

  6. Radiation Detection and Measurement-Akintayo Daniel Omojola

  7. Radiation Detection and Measurement: Calibration of MTS-N (LiF: Mg, Ti) Chips with a RadPro TLDcube 400 Manual Reader-Akintayo Daniel Omojola

  8. Electricity in the Heart: The Basic Principles behind Electrocardiography-Iyabosola Busola Oronti and Leandro Pecchia

  9. A Virtual Lab Work on the Measurements of Percentage Depth Dose and Inverse Square Law-Dare Adewa and Temitope Orotoye

  10. Career Opportunities in Clinical Engineering-Daniel Clark

  11. Pulse Oximetry Explained Using Light Waves to Analyse Haemoglobin-Chenyang He

  12. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Radio Frequency Coils-Robert Stormont

  13. Application of Cell/Tissue Mechanics in Medicine-Kayode Ayodeji Dada

  14. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) in Medicine-Dada O. Michael and Awojoyogbe O. Bamidele

  15. Understanding Digital Communications in Medicine-Peter Sandwall

  16. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Medicine-Maruf A. Adewole

  17. Sound Waves (Ultrasound) in Medicine-Bede Chibuzo Madu

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AJMP 2022, Volume 4 (Supplement)

Book of Abstract of presentations at the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) 2020, The International Organisation for Medical Physics (IOMP); 7 November 2020.

AJMP 2021, Volume 3 (Supplement)

  1. Status of Medical Physics in Africa-Taofeeq A. Ige

  2. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Algeria-Nadia Khelassi-Toutaoui

  3. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Ghana-Eric Clement Desmond Kotei Addison

  4. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Namibia-Vera Uushona

  5. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: South Africa-Graeme L. Lazarus

  6. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: United Republic of Tanzania-Shaid Yusuph

  7. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Zimbabwe-Lawrence Mhatiwa

  8. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Egypt-Nashaat Ahmed Deiab

  9. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Morocco-Lakbir EL HAMIDI

  10. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Nigeria-Aweda A. Moses

  11. Status of Medical Physics in Africa: Zambia-Mulape M. Kanduza

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AJMP 2021, Volume 3 (Supplement)

Abstracts of the 57th National Congress of the South African Association of Physicists in Medicine and Biology (SAAPMB); Cape Town, South Africa; 28 October-1 November 2019

AJMP 2019, Volume 2 (Supplement)

  1. Real-Time Motion Tracking, Prediction, and 4D In-vivo Dose Calculation Using Real-time EPID Imaging-Aftabi S., Teo Troy, Fontaine G., McCurdy B., Pistorius S.
  2. Software Evaluations of EPID Based Winston-Lutz Measurements-Fourie H.
  3. Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT): A Life Hilton Private Hospital Radiotherapy Unit Experience-Clarke N. , Bux M., Coyne R., Govender N., Haynes J.
  4. Electronic Portal Image Detector (EPID) Dosimetry and Calibrations-DeRidder C.
  5. Validating the Percentage Depth Doses Using Two Different Phantom Materials-Diteko K., Mkhize T. D., Mohlapholi M. S.
  6. Evaluating Stereotactic Treatment Plans with Different dose Prescription Levels-Fourie N. S. and Dreyer A.
  7. Demonstration of a 3D Graphics, Interactive Radiotherapy Simulator for Training and Teaching –Botha J. J.
  8. Medical Physics and Artificial Intelligence-What is Our Role?-Trauernicht C.
  9. Validation of the Beam Scheme Program-Chamberlain A. C.
  10. Reconstruction of Scattered Radiation-A Novel Source of Image Quality Improvement and Dose Reduction in CT and PET-Pistorius S., Fontaine G., Sun H., Zang G. and Chigvinadze T.
  11. Comparison of the Lutetium 177Lu (DOTATATE) Kidney Internal Dosimetry for the Tygerberg Hospital Protocol vs DosiSoft Software™-Moalosi T. C. G., Mkhize T. D., Ellmann A., Poli G. L., Mix M.
  12. Results from a Dose Optimization Program in Interventional Radiology at Life Healthcare Hospitals-Kotze T.
  13. Radiation Dose: “Is it Over Exposures or Incidences or Accidents”: Are We Concerned about Activities of Fellow Professionals in our Field-Maselesele H. V. and Molatedi R.
  14. The Evaluation of an Algorithmic Model, Created For the Image Guided Radiotherapy Treatment Couch for Integration into the Pinnacle Treatment Planning System-Botha J. J.
  15. GLAaS First Multicenter Experience on Halcyon Linac: Portal Dosimetry Algorithm Validation and Its Application to Patient Pre-Treatment QA-Nicolini G., Nguyen D., Marais C., Lojko D., Vanetti E.
  16. Going from the Varian Unique to the Varian Halcyon (2.0): A Practical Planning Comparison-Smith B. and Burger H.
  17. A Retrospective Quantitative Study of the Homogeneity and Conformity Indexes for XiO and Eclipse TPS approved plans-Mkhize T. D., Mohlapholi M. S.
  18. Determining the Planning Target Volume Margin for Head and Neck Radiotherapy Treatments using Portal Imaging-Bester R., Mkhize T. D., Motshweneng O. S., Naidoo K., du Toit M. D.
  19. Are our Doses Correct? Dose Calculation Accuracy of Treatment Planning Systems in the Presence of the Prosthesis-Maselesele H. V. and Mathebula P.
  20. Nano Dosimetric Track Analysis in a Spread-Out Proton Bragg Peak-Ngcezu S. and Rabus H.
  21. Technical Feasibility of [18F]-FET and [18F]-FAZAPET Guided Radiotherapy in a F98 Glioblastoma Rat Model-Bolcaen J., Verhoeven J., Donche S., DeMeulenaere V., Descamps B., Vandevoorde C., Hallaert G., Kersemans K., Boterberg T., Vanhove C., DeVos F., Goethals J.
  22. Changes in Metabolic Activity of Cancer and Normal Cell Lines after X-ray Irradiation and Inhibitor Treatment-Hamid M. B., Serafin A. M., Akudugu J. M.
  23. Radio Frequency Field Exposure Enhances In-Vitro Cellular Radio Sensitivity-Chinhengo A., Serafin A., Akudugu J.
  24. Dose-and Image Optimization in Computed Tomography Chest- and Brain-examinations for Adult Patients using the Taguchi Analysis-Nel M. and Pieters H.
  25. Towards Clinically Robust Cardiac Diffusion MRI using Prospective Respiratory Motion Correction-Jermy S., Hess A., Ntusi N., Meintjes E., Tunnicliffe E.
  26. Usability of the U-QA Phantom for kV CBCT Image QC on the Varian Halcyon (2.0) Linac-Smith B.  and Groenwald A.
  27. Evaluation of Eclipse Pre-configured Beam Data for Newly Installed Halcyon-Mkhize T. D., Du Toit M., Mohlapholi M., van Reenen C. J., Trauernicht C. J.
  28. Varian Halcyon Treatment Delivery System: From Physics Equipment to Clinical Commissioning-Haynes J.
  29. Beam Data and Treatment Planning System Validation Measurements for Commissioning a Newly Installed Halcyon LINAC at Groote Schuur Hospital-Nubi J., MacGregor H., Smith B., Quebetu M., Joubert N.
  30. Biomarker Investigation on the Health Effects of CT X-Ray Exposure in Children: A Plea to “Image Gently”-Vandevoorde C.
  31. Precision Medicine: Radiogenomics and the Development of Individualized Radiotherapy for Cancer Patients in South Africa-Cairncross S., Vandevoorde C., Hunter A., Benjeddou M.
  32. Evaluation of Right Breast Radiotherapy for Liver Doses-Codel G., Yucel D., Olcay G. K., Fayda E. M.
  33. Verification of LINAC Log Files with Commercial QA Systems: Non-Clinical Beams-Strauss L. J. and Shaw W.
  34. Inhibitions of PARP-1 by ABT888 can Potentially Cause Reduction in Colony Size of Lung Cancer Cells-Guillaume M. M., Serafin A. M., Akudugu J.
  35. Concomitant Targeting of PI3K, mTOR and AR Exhibits Strong Synergism in Human Prostate Cell Lines-Maleka S., Serafin A. M., Akudugu J.
  36. Treatment of Uveal Melanoma Using Ruthenium-106 Eye Plaques-Chamberlain A. C. and Sandri L.
  37. Comparison of Planned and Real-Time In-Vivo Diode Dosimetry during High Dose Rate 192Ir Brachytherapy of Cervical Cancer Using Rectal Semiconductor Probe in Order to be Implemented at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, Gauteng-Mashaba L. S. and Nethwadzi L. C.
  38. Evaluation of Customized Treatment Planning for Image-Guided High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer-Niemann I. and van Niekerk L.
  39. The “Other” Half of the Spectrum-Thermal and Non-thermal Effects of Non-ionizing Radiation Exposure-Miles D.
  40. Technology Upgrades at NMISA’s Radioactivity Standards Section-Lubbe J., van Rooy M. W. and van Staden M. J.
  41. Investigation of Potential Skin Toxicity for Patients Receiving Breast IORT using EBT3 Gafchromic® Film-Van Heerden M.
  42. A Novel Treatment Planning Model for Total Skin Electron Irradiation-Sachse K. N., Strauss L. J., Shaw W.
  43. The QUATRO Audit Experience at Tygerberg Hospital-Trauernicht C. J., Du Toit M, Mohlapholi M., Mkhize T. D., Duprez D., Bester R.
  44. Towards Breast Cancer Detection without Images; the Hidden Power of Microwave Sensing-Pistorius S., Reimer T. and Nepote M. S.
  45. Evaluation of Radiation-Induced Changes in the Expression of Bcl2, Parp-1, PI3K, Hsp90 Pathway-Related Genes in Cancer Cell Lines-Manunu B., Serafin A. M., Akudugu J. M.
  46. Assessment of Nuclear Medicine Radiation Protection Practices among Radiographers and Nurses at a Small Nuclear Medicine Department in a Tertiary Hospital, South Africa-Nyathi M. and Moeng T.
  47. Commissioning and Operating a New Personal Radiation Monitoring Device (PRMD) Service in South Africa: A One Year Review of Data-Nell I. and deVos H.
  48. The Status of Medical Physics in South Africa-Rule A. and Trauernicht C.
  49. The ICMP Congress–Let’s Imagine the Future Together-Trauernicht C.
  50. Using C-arm Imaging to Determine ICRU Points in 2-DHDR Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer-Du Toit M. D., van Reenen C. J. and Trauernicht C.
  51. Quantifying the Attenuation of Carbon Fibre Treatment Couches in the Monaco® Treatment Planning System (TPS)-Van Reenen C. J., Duprez D. R. R., Mohlapholi M. S., Trauernicht C. J., Mkhize T. D.
  52. Investigation of Staff Radiation over Exposures at Tygerberg Hospital between 2012 and 2019-Johnson C. P., Trauernicht C. J., Du Toit M. D., van Reenen C. J.
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AJMP 2019, Volume 2 (Supplement)

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